50th Birthday Party Ideas

October 11th, 2012

50th birthday is a significant milestone in a person’s life. That person is halfway through life and has gained a lifetime of experience, having lived his best years, seen his children’s lives and their children too in some cases. So it’s a big milestone and should definitely be celebrated. Ideas for a great 50th party are plenty. As always, keep the birthday person is mind when you consider the following ones.

An outdoor party is great. You can have a long table with the birthday person at the head of the table. It will be a beautiful dinner with the sunset and the wind blowing. Of course, be prepared for changes in weather. If it’s an indoor party you want, you can rent some hall in your area or have it in your house (if it’s big enough).

The best and easiest theme that can be adopted is ‘50’. Everything in them party should say it out loud. For example, Invite 50 guests, have 50 balloons, the cake should be in the ‘50’ shape and so forth. You can have 50 words that describe the birthday person, hang down from the ceiling .You can even have few selected guests say 50 things they like about him or the 50 funny habits he has or 50 funny memories they have shared etc.

You can also plan a party around one of his/her hobbies or likes. If she loves gardening, make an indoor garden with all her favorite plants; decorate the walls with the garden tools and plants. If he loves fishing, do the same with fishing gear. You can also ask the guests to dress accordingly.

You can also ask all the guests to wear the same color. That way the birthday person will stand out in a different color and everyone can spot him easily. If its white (birthday person) and black (guests), it would look even better.
At the party, you can play a video or presentation showing photos of him from his childhood, college days, wedding etc. This would create a very nostalgic mood. You can also put up photos (that are not shown in the video) on the walls, so that everyone can recollect the wonderful memories, as they move around the room.

You can have an ordinary dinner too. After the dinner you can have 50 wish lanterns. You can ask 49 guests to say out loud their wish for him and set it free. Then in the end, the birthday person can say his wish out loud and set it free. It would make him very happy when hears his friends’ wonderful wishes for him. This can be done at the end of any party.

Just pick any idea from above; put in something from your side that will define the birthday person and you are good to go.

Sweet 16 Birthday Cakes

October 8th, 2012

When you hear ‘sweet sixteen’, an image of a bunch of colorful, dressed up girls will be the first picture that might come to your mind. But that’s not it; even guys celebrate their sixteenth birthday. Maybe the glitz and glam will be slightly less, but it’s as much fun for them as it is for us girls.

Being the first milestone age in a person’s life, much is expected about the party and the cake.

When it comes to cakes for guys, you need to be innovative. It’s better to have a theme around his craze or aspirations. For example, if he hopes to be a doctor, you can have ‘stethoscope’ shaped cake, or if he wants to be an architect, it can be a ‘building’ cake, or if a musician, the cake can be his favourite instrument. If he is a baseball player, the cake can be a baseball bat or glove. Similarly if its soccer, the cake can be soccer ball, or if he is a roller skater or ice skater, his cake can be in the shape and colour of his skates. It can even be a pirate ship or space ship. The ‘Star Wars’ theme can be adopted if he is a fan. These types of cakes are always better than the normal cake with icing, for a guy.

For girls, it can be girly themes. You can have a ‘gown’ shaped cake, ‘Tiffany box’ cake, ‘princess’s castle’ cake etc. Even a two or three tiered cake with a lot of colorful or themed decorations will do. When tiered cakes are planned, you can decorate it with colored feathers, stars and candy. You can have a ‘casino’ themed cake, or a cake having the same icing/fondant color as the birthday girl’s dress. You can have a glamorously decorated three tier cake, with red carpet flowing down from the top (with red fondant for instance), miniature figurines in gowns & tuxedos and HOLLYWOOD written below. This would make up a ‘Hollywood’ themed cake. A ‘stiletto’ shaped cake would also make any girl happy. Anything a sixteen-year old girl likes or has a craze for can be made into a cake. If she loves the sea & the sand, you can have a cake in the shape of a beach ball or bucket or even a yacht. Deciding the cake for a girl is simple. You need to make it bright and colorful. So whatever the theme or flavor, first thing to be made sure is its bright appearance.

If you are still confused, keep away your worries and just go for the ‘16’ number shaped cakes, for guys and girls. It is of minimal risk and a sure hit for both genders. If it’s for girls, just decorate in bright colours, bows, ribbons, stars and anything pink. And for guys, cover it with black (or any dark color) fondant and then decorate it with small figures of footballs or baseball bats or guitars or anything he has a craze for.

Of course, the above said ideas are all suggestions. Alter them according to your kid’s likes & dislikes and it will be a great cake.

21st Birthday Cakes Ideas

October 5th, 2012

21st birthday across the globe is a coming of age for boys and girls, or should we say men and women. No matter how grand the party is, the birthday cake has always been an attention grabber. Everyone looks forward to seeing it, getting awed by it, and of course, eating it. You can bake it at home or order it from outside. Baking at home will take up a lot of time and will reduce the time for party planning. So it’s best to place the order somewhere you like and make yourself free for the other birthday duties. But if you prefer to give a personal touch to your birthday celebration, baking might be a good idea too.

Cake Ideas for 21 yr old Girls

Few cake themes for girls of this age are Hour glass, Coffee mug, and candy shaped cake, flowers in flower vase, Unicorn etc. But some girls might not prefer such kiddish cakes as they are growing up and would not want to be embarrassed with their childhood fantasies in front of their teen friends.

You can talk to her BFFs about her future aspirations and theme your birthday celebration accordingly.

Other cake ideas include the hour glass cake which can signify the years passing and can have toffees, sweets or goodies inside along with the name. If the birthday girl is someone with a sweet tooth, you can have a cake in the shape of a candy cane or toffee. If she is one who loves gardening and flowers, ‘Flowers in Flower Vase’ or a cute ‘garden cultivator’ shaped cake can be made. Cakes can also be made in her favorite animal’s shape. You can also make cakes with many tiers. Or a simple standard cake with beautiful decorations or words will do.

For any cake, the girls’ favorite flavors are

  • Chocolate Devil’s food cake with vanilla frosting.
  • Golden Rum
  • Red Velvet
  • Coconut cake with raspberry filling
  • Chocolate Fudge
  • Banana with chocolate ganache

The toppings or decorations can be marshmallows, chocolate shards, m&ms, Raspberry coulis etc. Anything sweet and colorful will do.

Cake Ideas for 21 yr old Boys

For men or boys who are 21, the theme has to be either something that they are known for or known to like or love. A guitar cake is a great idea for a guy, the cake can be in the guitar shape complete with the strings and name on it. You can also have cakes in the shape of a football, bike, favorite beer bottle, sports car, baseball cap, cricket bat, motherboard or computer (for a tech freak), his favorite burger etc. Just find out what he likes at present, list it down and select it. Most guys like solid shaped stuff, so it’s easy to design their cakes.

The flavors men like are slightly different from that of women. They would prefer the cake to be less sweet. If he is a chocolate lover, Dark chocolate cake with vanilla frosting or dark chocolate ganache would be perfect. Adding liquors to the cake flavor a little to get that slight bitter flavor he loves, is a great idea. Think about what he loves. If he loves coconut, then you can cover the cake with grated coconut. Take his favorite drink or his favorite type of nuts and incorporate it into the cake. Whatever you choose, make sure it isn’t too sweet.

And don’t make the decorations too colorful and girly. It’s even better to avoid food coloring. He would like the cake in its natural color. When it comes to guys and cakes, less is more.

Do send in your comments on how you celebrated your 21 yr old sons, daughters, friends birthday along with pictures and we will post it up to inspire others!

40th Birthday Party Ideas and Cake Inspiration

October 2nd, 2012

When you hear the age 40, it will strike you as ‘old’. But the funny part is that you won’t be able to find much difference between 30 and 40. Though it may seem old, you still feel young. However, it’s a milestone birthday and if you are a male, you have more reasons to celebrate as it is said that men look at their best in their 40s. You’ll need more than a birthday cake and a few close friends to make it special.

As always, a surprise birthday party is the best. It will definitely make your birthday person feel extra special. If it’s for a friend, let his/her spouse in on the secret. That will make it easier and effective. You can also tell a few close friends. They can help you too. Even the person whose birthday you are planning can be asked things he likes in a casual manner to put in as a surprise. Don’t ask too much and make him suspicious though!

The biggest block faced by all is the theme of the party. Once that is decided, everything else will fall into place on its own. There are many themes suitable for a 40th birthday party but it is always suggested that you consult with the closest friends and family about what the person likes. On this article about the 40th Birthday party ideas, we will try to cover a few general ideas you can run with though.

One oldie but goodie is the Retro Style. Or you can ask everyone to dress up according to the fashion that was there during the year he/she was born or was a teenager. If the person is a beach lover, you can have a Beach Party. This could be great fun when complete with bonfire and games. You can have it in the open air or have it inside a shack at the beach. Everyone can dress up in Hawaiian Style to kick it up a notch.

If he/she loves sailing, you can rent a yacht for a night, invite people and surprise him/her. In both the cases above, food can be their favourite sea food (be sure to check with the invitees as many might have an aversion/allergy to some sea food). A Yacht Party is both elegant and fun.

Another option is a party at her favourite restaurant or a friend’s villa and hiring her favourite band to perform for the evening. It is guaranteed that the person will be eternally grateful to you and would declare the party to be the best ever.
If he is an outdoor person, you can go camping somewhere they he always wanted to go and celebrate it with the campfire and barbecued food in a wild unplanned manner that is exciting.

If nothing works out or if you don’t have time, you can ask all invitees to wear a uniform colour preferably white or any light colour (not black) and have his/her favourite food. You can make a presentation/video showing pictures from her childhood till the 40th year and play it during dinner; each person present can tell what makes him/her special in their eyes and can also declare their wish for her. It will make her feel very happy and very, very special.

Party favours can be goodie bags as always. It the easiest and whether you are 40 or 50, it will still excite the guests. You can fill it with small jewellery, candy, bookmarks, charms, pens etc according to your liking.

Some other themes that can be considered are Hollywood, Pirates, High School, Favorite movie etc. Just let your minds run wild a bit and you’ll get something that’ll suit your friend the best!

The Best 18th Birthday Ideas

September 18th, 2012

As we all know, 18 has always been considered a tricky age for everything. This is mainly so because, though the person in question is legally an adult, in reality, he/she is neither an adult nor a child. It is no longer the age to throw a party with a few sweet stuff to eat and lots of colorful balloons tied up all around. It’s more likely that he/she will resent it.

Before you throw a party, write down a list of things your 18 year old likes such as favorite hangout place, eat out, closest friends, favorite TV character etc. This will make selection of the location and theme easier.

If it’s a surprise party you are aiming for, it’s better to let his best friend in the secret. He can help you out more than you can imagine. As I said before, a teen party is difficult to organise and if you organise something that is old school or tacky, he will hate it! Also, it is likely that he will remember it for the rest of his life.

So pick a place he loves the most like a park or a restaurant where he hangs out most of the time. Plan a party there along with his friend. That way you can bring in the music and food he likes.

Or you can plan a pool party. If you have a pool, his friends can be invited over secretly to surprise him. If you don’t have one, it’s fine because most of the hotels nowadays have one. You can easily rent one for an evening.

If you have a club in your town, you can arrange a party which is followed by quality time at the club with his friends (after all 18 is the age when all that becomes legal. It will be his first time too!).

You can also simply allow him a night out with friends or in case of girls, a day full of shopping with girlfriends followed by a surprise cake during lunch or dinner at his/her favourite restaurant.

If it’s not a surprise party, things are easier. All you have to do is hear out your son or daughter’s wishes and see if you can make them happen. Invite the friends he or she wants to invite. You can fix themes like retro style where everyone has to dress up like people from that era. Themes can also be designed around his favourite movie or TV show. These themes can be selected even if it’s a surprise birthday party. Some other themes are Rock, Emo, Harry Potter or Twilight style, Halloween etc.

Most 18 year old would be happier if the party is somewhere outside with friends. So it’s best to avoid a party at home. But of course if you think your kid will be okay with it, it is perfectly fine. Just keep him/her in your mind when you plan everything and it will be great!

Hello Kitty Cakes

August 8th, 2012

Kids love kittens and a Hello Kitty themed cake is one of the best surprises you can arrange for your little ones birthday party. It is not very difficult to create an hello kitty cake. If you are looking to make a kitty cake, you should look at baking an single cake or a layered one with different pans for shapes. Once the cake is done, you can use various figures of Sweet Hello Kitty and colors related to it to decorate the themed hello kitty cake.

Following are some of the various pictures of birthday hello kitty cake.

Hello Kitty is a character created by the company  – Sanrio. She is a cute white cat with a red bow. Though initially targeted at the pre-teen market, Hello Kitty has been adopted by the adult consumers as well, particularly girls. They can be found on a number of accessories from wallets, sandals to coins today in Japan as well as in the United States. Charmmy and Sugar are the pets of Hello Kitty who are a cat and a hamster respectively.

If you are looking for easy ways to create a Hello Kitty Cake, you can find a number of hello kitty cake decoration kits on online shops like amazon.

Fairy Cake Recipe and Pictures

August 6th, 2012

A fairy cake for a birthday cake is one of the most beautiful cakes that a teen or a pre-teen girl can every wish for. With beautiful fairies dressed in pretty white with her wand, ah, the fairy tales, how kids wish they were real!

A fairy cake can be made with icing with fairy toppers or sprinkles for effect.  It is easy to make a fairy cake if you are using a food processor. It will take about 10 minutes to prepare and 15 minutes of cooking time for your fairy cake.

Fairy Cake Ingredients

  • 125 grams of butter
  • 125 grams of caster sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla essence
  • 2 large eggs
  • 125g self-raising flour, sifted
  • 2 tablespoons milk

How to make a fairy cake

Add the main ingredients like butter, caster sugar, essence of vanilla, eggs and the flour to the food processor and blend until smooth. Add a little milk and pulse – add enough milk to achieve a soft, dropping consistency. Once divided into cases, you can bake it at 200 degree until cooked. After this, you can cool it on a wire rack. You can create various types of cake toppings with icing sugar.

Photos of Fairy Cakes

Top 21st Birthday Ideas

August 6th, 2012

The 21st birthday is sort of of a milestone most cultures with some cultures giving the keys to the home and others encouraged to leave home to make something of their own. The 21st birthday is sort of a celebration of the youthful joy and bubbling enthusiasm of looking forward to the best in life.

In this article we try to cover some 21st birthday ideas for celebration.

Popular gifts for the 21st Birthday

Gifts for the 21st birthday is tricky. The age where kids grow into handsome men and pretty women, their choices in life begin to emerge and the direction they want to take with their life begins to take shape.

Some of the recommended gifts for 21st birthday are

Gift Cards and Vouchers  – You do not want to impose your tastes on your kids. With a gift card or a voucher on websites or offline, you give the freedom to kids to make their own choices in a store. This will allow them to select items of their choice and they might not be sure if you’d approve, but that ok, right? :)

Drinks on me – The best way to gift your friend or your nephew who has turned 21, what better way than to get started with a “cheers”! A cocktail or a cocktail set will be a age and gender appropriate gift for your birthday guy/gal.

Wine and Dine – A more sophisticated gift for the 21st birthday. Let your special one experience one of the more finer things in life with a tie and suit dinner.

The usual offers of birthday gifts at 21 are always there like a photo frame, a money clip, a gadget he loves or a bag she craves. What did you get for your 21st birthday? Sound off in comments with pictures if you got them!

Cake Ideas for the First Birthday

November 6th, 2011

Having to give a one year old kid a happy birthday is very simple. He does not need anything as he does not know anything. All that requires to thrill him will be some fancy colours and claps and cakes. The birthday cake will definitely make a big difference in the child’s happiness. And selecting a cake for him can never be a hard task too as all he need will the already mentioned elements. The cake has to be colourful, stuffed with cartoon shapes of ducks, cats, teddies or the like. The laughter and happiness that will come to his face after being able to cut such a cake would be one cute moment that should be recorded so that that moment can be recalled whenever you want to .

Spider Man Birthday Cakes

November 3rd, 2011

Spider man is a fictional Marvel comics superhero born in 1962 as a result of the imaginative thinking of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. The character had a teenager common identity and a superhero secret identity. The superhero who could climb any walls, shoot webs and sense dangers ensured all the people around him are safe from the bad.

The character became so popular as the teenage Peter Parker could be related by any teenager to his own life hence making the character one of the famous and favourite fictional characters ever drawing many fans, mainly teenagers and kids. This influence can definitely act as a solid ground for surprising a teenager with a Spider Man birthday cake for his/her birthday. They would definitely love the cake, and will be thrilled and filled with joy which would be an everlasting one.